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Though well I love to feel the rain,
And be by winds well blown
The mystery of mortal life
Doth press me down.

~~~William Henry Davies~~~
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Dec. 10th, 2008 @ 10:36 pm Wednesday night and no winter precipitation...isn't that what it's called?
We've got our fingers crossed for the snow flurries that was mentioned on the news tonight. But the last time I looked there was only a little drizzling rain. *Sigh*

I missed Life and Pushing Daisies. I taped the first but not the second. I have to get my fix of Tipton/Reese.

Christmas shopping? *Hides face*

The new Clone Wars book is out this week. If I had known the roads weren't going to ice over I would have driven into town and bought a copy.

And this damn computer's still acting weird and I just spent a chunk of money getting it overhauled.
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Dec. 8th, 2008 @ 10:42 pm More of my everyday mutterings...
We're doing a gift exchange at work. Something else to go on the list.

I'm almost afraid to go to sleep tonight, I'm still having weird dreams. I must not be resting well, every time I sit down to watch something, even Fringe tonight, I fall asleep.

I got a flu shot and had a reaction to it. Just a rash around the injection site on my arm and the doctor doesn't seem too concerned about it. But it ITCHES.

Today I found out that a woman I really did not like when we were on a committee together a few years ago, and who I'm very sure felt the same way about me, is the younger sister of the co-worker that I get along best with and have become friends with. How does the saying go? "There's always a fly in the ointment" or something like that? It just makes me feel uncomfortable that I have lingering bad feelings towards my friend's sister.

Speaking of bad feelings, I saw my former boss at church last night. I thought I'd gotten over any ill wishes towards her but apparently my forgiveness button is broken. I sat there and imagined about 6 different ways her platinum blonde hair could fall out or be otherwise destroyed. Then I was stumped as to how I was going to make myself be that kind and welcoming Christian church member but was saved when she bolted out the door as soon as services were over with.
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Dec. 1st, 2008 @ 09:46 pm A new community to check out!
My friend sit_quietly_now made a new community for the TNT drama series Leverage. Check it out at leverage_on_tnt.
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Nov. 30th, 2008 @ 10:39 pm Loooooooooong day...
I'm very tired tonight. I went to do a little Christmas shopping to get gifts for those on our gift exchange list. Several stores I wanted to look at were already closed though. I'll have to very careful this year with what I buy. I had thought of several possibilities for family members but when I got to the store it had all evaporated, I'll right it down next time.

Then the children asked to see a movie and picked Four Christmases. At first I wasn't sure about it, I wasn't too happy with the language, my son's a bit young for it I thought, but he just rolled his eyes and stuck his fingers in his ears. Sometimes I think he's a lot more smarter and practical than I am. But the movie did get better and was funny though I won't say it's the best Christmas movie I've seen. I'd prefer A Christmas Story or one of the old Scrooge movies. Actually I probably would have been happy to have watched Twilight again or even the James Bond movie.
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Nov. 30th, 2008 @ 04:35 pm Looking for two books...
I am looking for a couple of books I read in the mid to late 70's. I suppose now they'd possibly be called young adult books. Both were mysteries and possibly could have had mystery in the title. Both were about the same characters, young teenagers, some from one family and some from another plus a couple of extra friends.

In one book they all went (some parents too) to cabins by a lake. Strange and mysterious things happened. One scene I remember is when one of the girls was in her bed at night staring at the window and sees something that terrifies her, a face that keeps stretching longer and longer and the girl starts screaming. Another scene is when they hear something like an explosion and wonder if the dam has burst (it didn't). There was also a caretaker/worker for the dam and I think they investigate his house because they're suspicious of him. They also see some kind of tracks of an unknown animal/creature.

In the other book, they are snowed in (snow is possibly in the title of this one, something at the "...Snowed-in Cabin" maybe) at a cabin. There's a bad snowstorm/ice storm, they can hear trees breaking and are afraid they'll hit the cabin they're in. There's a mysterious person wandering around but I can't remember if it was a man or woman.

These were hardcover books when I read them, no jackets, and I think they could have been written earlier than the 70's, possibly the 60's or even earlier. I think there may have been more books written about these characters but our little library only had the two I've described. I can't remember any of the characters' names but I think onne of the girls had a funny name like Bipsy or Bitsy.

It's driven me crazy for years that I can't remember the titles and author of these two books.
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Nov. 29th, 2008 @ 09:23 pm I'm kind of looking for new friends and communities...
If you've found that I've friended you, do not be alarmed. I've been browsing around interests lists, looking at different communities and now and then I run across someone I think is interesting or shares some of my interests and friend them. If you'd rather I didn't friend you, just say so and I'll reverse the friending.:)
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Nov. 29th, 2008 @ 05:55 am Can you tell how jumbled my thoughts are this morning?
Here I am, up very early again and wondering why I can't sleep late like everyone else enjoys doing. But after a certain time my body will no longer relax and the bed feels like the enemy and my back hurts and my hip where I had fallen on the ice many years ago, almost 20 years though it doesn't seem like it should be that long ago, so I'm better to get up and move around. Some days I can lie down on the couch and if not really sleep, at least rest for another hour but I didn't even attempt that this morning.

I have promised to put the Christmas tree up today, usually a pleasant event, but I find myself not very enthusiastic about it right now. It won't be a real tree, I prefer a fake one to a real one, much less to take care of. But it's a very handsome fake tree and looks real enough that in the past I've seen friends touch it and peek under to see if it's real or not. I had thought about stringing the lights on the front porch too but there was rain all night and everything's drippy and standing in water. I haven't even started my gift buying yet, didn't even venture out to the stores to see the bargains yesterday on the famous Black Friday. I'm sure I'll be regretful about it later when I can't find anything. And it hasn't always been called Black Friday has it? Isn't that just the last 2 or 3 years that it's acquired that name?

My children and I did slip off to see Twilight yesterday. You'll remember that I had been wondering if it was similar to the book I had just read and I'm happy to say it was. Oh, there were little minor differences and some things left out, but nothing major and that's a rarity when a film is adapted from a book. The parts left out, and I'm sure that was due to the fact that there just wasn't time to include it all since no one really wants to see through a 3 or 4 hour movie, were mostly parts of the background story and parts about Bella and her parents and her new group of friends, Mike, Jessica, etc. One thing that does irritate me is when the book DESCRIBES a character looking one way but the actor or actress look another, for example Mike and most of Bella's other friends and the vampire Esme. I thought Kristen Stewart fit the part of Bella well, as did the guy for Edward, can't remember his name but will any minute I'm sure, and he was suitably otherworldly-looking I thought, almost ugly one minute and then eerily beautiful the next with his unusual features. And at first glance, for just a second, I thought Carlisle was Tom Cruise, his face is shaped similar but he's played by Peter somebody. Robert Pattinson portrays Edward, I knew I'd think of it, he was Cedric on the Goblet of Fire movie and I didn't like him too much, now I'll have to watch it again to see if he looks different to me. But anyway, the film was wonderful and I left it feeling very satisfied and glad to have gone. It even made my children smile, even the oldest and she's been very gloomy recently, hormones mostly I think and the usual emotional problems that come from being caught between childhood and adulthood.

I've discovered a wonderful radio station I've been listening to a lot. I'd found an old radio in one of the closets a few days ago when cleaning and plugged it up in the kitchen. Anyway, this station plays the things I listened to and loved when I was a child until adulthood, mostly 60's and 70's, maybe a little early 80's, with Christmas music included as of yesterday. I'm not really that old, certainly wasn't around for the original 60's music, but it was what I had always listened to growing up. Robert is staring at me strangely, like he's suspicious I'm up to something. It's not his kind of music, therefore, in his opinion it's not fit to listen to. But I've defered to his tastes too much over the years and my music is making me feel very good.
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Nov. 27th, 2008 @ 09:16 pm Worried about a friend...
A friend of mine called tonight. He's on his way to Afghanistan and was delayed in between planes and said he was going through his address book and calling old friends. He was a grade behind me in school, a wonderful guy with a wicked sense of humor. I haven't seen him in person now for about 5 years. He was married and had a family only when I asked him about them he was kind of evasive so I think things are not going well somehow or he's estranged from them. I told him to send me his email and address and I'd write to him. Now I'm thinking of all the things I've been hearing about Afghanistan and worried about him.

Well, we had a quiet Thanksgiving Day. I won't say the company was the best I've ever had, everybody seemed a bit on edge and snappy at each other. I was happy when we all finally scattered apart.
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Nov. 26th, 2008 @ 11:06 pm I've kind of been reading a lot...
I have been on a reading frenzy the past couple of days. I've read two of Stephenie Meyer's books, Twilight and New Moon. Now I've started on Charlaine Harris' first Sookie Stackhouse book. I delayed reading these books, not sure I would like them and not really wanting to get attached to new series, but now I'm hooked. I love the character of Edward in the first two books, I feel lukewarm towards Bella, she's such a crier. Then in Harris' book, it's the opposite, I really like Sookie but Bill is kind of a wuss.

I haven't seen the film Twilight yet, a friend and I had planned to go Monday evening but our plans fell apart at the last minute. Now I'm worried that the film won't be as good as the book, that too many things will be different. And I haven't seen True Blood which is based on the Sookie books, I don't have HBO, but now I'm curious and wondering if the Bill character is better than the book's.

I've several things cooked already for tomorrow, chocolate pie, pecan pie, sweet potato pie. My turkey's ready to go and I've everything ready to make the other dishes. I actually feel prepared! A novel feeling for me...
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